Buy and Sell products of the largest Online Chinese Retail and Wholesale Market in the World


Taobao and 1688 are the suppliers to lots of e-Commerce Merchants

Taobao is the largest online chinese retail shopping market and 1688 is the largest online wholesale trading market. Taobao and 1688 are the best sourcing place to the Chinese ecommerce merchants on the cross-boarder ecommerce platforms such as AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, etc.


Chinese sellers list products of taobao and 1688 in their stores. When they get order, they buy products from taobao/1688. These products are finally well packed and shipped to the buyer. In this way, sellers don’t need to store inventory and they can feel free to sell whatever product as long as it is available in taobao / 1688. That is to say, many commodities you see on the internet are likely to be found the same or similar ones from taobao or 1688.

Buy from taobao or 1688 through Smespal Shopping Service 

Since many sellers of AliExpress ( as well as other cross boarder e-commerce shopping sites ) are selling products of taobao and 1688 to you. So, why don’t you shop directly from taobao and 1688 for yourself. By using Smespal Shopping Service, you could get the same or similar products from taobao and 1688 with even better price. What is more important is that our service can do a lot for you, includes quality inspection, parcels consolidation, shipping arrangements, etc.

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Sell products of taobao and 1688 through Smespal Dropshipping Service

There are numerous products on Taobao and1688. You can continuously offer an array of products to your potential customers. If suppliers stock an item, you can list it for sale on your website at no additional cost. using Smespal Dropshipping Service, you can do your own dropshipping business in the same way as Chinese e-commerce merchants of AliExpress, Wish, ebay, etc.