Packages on Shelves


Smespal cooperated with the professional 3rd party well-organized warehouse that is continually developing methods of increased efficiency, when it comes to stocking, distribution, sorting, packaging, etc. In the past 7 years, we have grown from a small storehouse to a warehouse of over 10,000 square meters. 



The product you ordered with Smespal service, in most cases, will firstly be shipped to Smespal's warehouse for storage. Before officially putting the goods on the shelves, we will conduct quality inspections on them.

When your ordered product is in the warehouse, we would consolidate all of your orders, classify them and arrange professional service.

We provide 90 days of free storage. We ship out product from the warehouse according to your notification.


What We Do in the Warehouse

Measuring Fabrics

Quality Assurance

We take quality inspection upon the moment when the products is received in the warehouse.

Pile of Boxes

Parcels Consolidation

If you have multiple packages with the same shipping destination, we will combine all these packages into a larger package. You only need to pay once for shipping and don’t have to worry about overloading shipping cost when you want to buy from different sellers.

Bubble Rolls


Repacking helps save shipping cost and enhance your brand perception. Lighter weight comes with cheaper shipping cost. When repacking product, we may remove unnecessary packing materials while keep the integrity and safety of the shipping goods. Packaging has a direct impact on the perception of quality and brand by the consumer. When packing product, we can use your customed private brand package.

Automated Package Handling

Smespal has advanced and automated warehouse system that can handle large numbers of packages quickly and safely. This does not only lower the package forwarding costs, but also save time for you. Once you submit your package delivery request, we will ship your packages out promptly.

On the Scales

Measure Weight

When your product has completed packing, we will measure package's weight in the warehouse.

Packages on Shelves

90 days Free Storage

Smespal offers 90 days free storage for those products that are bought from 3rd party suppliers. Within the free storage period, you can arrange your order's shipping time according to your own schedule.



When you are using Dropshipping Service, you may consider bulk purchasing product and storing them in Smespal’s warehouse.  You can regard the warehouse as yours, we will help check product's quality, report you the changing of inventory in the warehouse. At your notification, we will ship out order to you or your clients.