Terms of Service

Definition of Responsible Party

Here in this Terms of Service mentioned “ You ( you ) ” / “ Your ( your ) ” refers to :

  • Whenever / wherever people who submit needs or product inquiry to smespal.com / smespal.aliexpress.com
  • People who become the user of smespal.com and the buyer of smespal.aliexpress.com.
Here in this Terms of Service mentioned “ We ( we ) ” refers to :
  • smespal.com
  • smespal.aliexpress.com

Here in this Terms of Service mentioned “ Second Party ( second party ) ” refers to:

  • Smespal.com

  • Smespal.aliexpress.com

Here in this Terms of Service mentioned “ Third Party ( third party ) ” refers to:
  • Shopping Platforms include but not limited to taobao.com and 1688.com which can provide you with same / similar products according to your needs.
  • According to your needs, except Smespal, any other individuals / organizations with the nature of manufactuer or distributor who can provide you with same / similar products.
  • According to your needs, except Smespal, any other organizations with the nature of logistic service provider who is directly responsible for shipping and delivering your order.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance by User

  • This Terms of Service takes effect immediately from the moment you contact us.
  • The Ownership and Right of Operation regarding services mentioned in this Terms of Service belong to smespal.com and smespal.aliexpress.com.
  • The user ( hereinafter referred to You / you ) may become a formal user of Smespal only after agreeing with all Terms of Service.
  • This Terms of Service is binding upon You and Smespal and may be effective permanently unless otherwise agreed by You and Smespal.

Intellectual Property Rights Disclaimer

Smespal is a second party whose service is to negotiate your transaction / business or trade between you and the third party within China. From the moment you contact us for product inquiry or become the user of smespal.com and smespal.aliexpress.com. We acknowledge that you have well read and agreed on all disclaimer statements below:

  • Smespal respects Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR ).​
  • Smespal does not Sell, offer for sale, make available goods and/or services or otherwise includes contents or materials that infringe the IP owner’s intellectual property rights.
  • Whenever and wherever Smespal’s reply’s being “yes” or “We have it” or other affirmative answers , this does not mean Smespal is the seller, direct seller and manufacturer of the product. Thus, in case of any infringement issue of your inquiries product happened, all liabilities incurred shall be borne by the corresponding Third Party while Smespal will not undertake any relevant, collateral or joint liability.
  • To prevent any abuse of Smespal’s services for fraudulent purposes and for the protection of benefit of You, Smespal and the Third Party. In accordance with the Privacy Policy, Smespal reserves the right to record / backup all literal and oral communication materials that incurred from the moment you contact us.
  • All products being tangible and intangible for Smespal's service are products retrieved from Third Party and are not directly sold by Smespal. Thus, in case of any infringement issue involved by the products or design, all liabilities incurred shall be borne by the corresponding Third Party while Smespal will not undertake any relevant, collateral or joint liability.
  • All order’s coming into being must be joined by You, Smespal and the Third Party at the same time, and the behavior of purchasing from Third Party only comes into being through Your willingness to request Smespal to buy products from Third Party. A order fulfilment by Smespal solely is impossible and cannot consitute a valid legal responsibility.
  • For all products you inquiried and purchased through Smespal’s service, we will verify the material of commodity and categories, but we cannot identify genuine, fake, imitation brand, and things related to intellectual property. If your needed products are known by IP owner and are reported or judged to be imitation brand, fake, sensitive items, or products that infringes the IP owner’s IPR, etc, you need to take full legal responsibility personally for the result(s) below: Confiscated parcels by custom, Restriction on payment gateway ( credit card, banking account, etc. ), Other results not mentioned here but IP owner may act legal rights in direct or indirect way.

Services of Smespal.com

Shopping Service

  • Smespal helps you to buy commodities sold on Third Party shopping platforms include but not limit to taobao.com, 1688.com or somewhere else designated by you.
Dropship Service
  • Smespal helps you to sell products of taobao / 1688 or other Third Party shopping platforms designated by you.
Sourcing Service
  • Smespal serves as a agent to help negotiate your product inquiry / transactions / businss between You and the Third Party suppliers, monitor sample making and production related works of Third Party.
Other Services
  • You reserve the right to request Smespal who acts as the Second Party ( or agent ) to negotiate and fulfill all product’s peripheral services with Third Party. Services includes but not limited to logo design, package design, etc . Other services must also abid by the Intellectual Property Rights Disclaimer mentioned in this Terms of Service.

Logistic Disclaimer

  • You may assess any and all risks arising out of or in connection with any accidents related to the international parcels such as but not limited to the return punished by the customs, delay in delivery, damage or loss, forfeiture. For any parcel problems, You may entrust Smespal as the communication agent to negotiate with third-party logistic service providers for claim. The final standards for all the compensations related shall be subject to those of such third-party logistic service providers, for which Smespal will not assume any liabilities, whether joint and several or not.
  • For the smooth arrival of the products purchased by you, we may make appropriate handling for the products already arrived. You are deemed to agree and perform the subsequent operations under special conditions, or you may verify any doubts (if any) with the Smespal customer service staff upon the submission of order.
  • In the event your parcel has been shipped overseas but is returned due to Not passing international security checks, no recipient, wrong or incomplete address, unsuccessful posting, the fee for re-shipping shall be borne by You.
  • Parcels need to go through customs clearance after arrived at foreign customs, customs inspection of parcels is based on random check. If customs considered that the item of your parcel is special, then it is likely to require the receiver to provide invoices or proof of customs clearance. Due to the unspecific receiver’s address or fail to contact, which leads to logistics in returning the parcel, relevant customs fees are generated by the destruction shall be paid by receiver.

Quanlity Assurance Policy

Your orderd product(s) would be taken quality inspection before it is officially shipped out from the warehouse of Smespal / Manufacturer. Please refer to Quality Assurance for more details.

Buyer Protection Policy

Please refer to Buy Protection Policy for more details.

Receipt of Parcel

It’s suggested that You should confirm the receipt of products after receiving the parcel. You may apply for after-sales services within the valid after-sales term if necessary, or otherwise after-sales services may not be provided after the said valid term. Valid After-sale: The valid after-sales term is when the logistic Website shows your parcel has been received for no more than 15 working days. The normal acknowledge of receipt of the parcel indicates the closure of the whole shipping process. You shall check the outer packing box carefully upon your signing for acknowledge of receipt, and you may respond to Smespal customer service staff immediately for any problems related thereto after the acknowledgement. ​Notices of Sign-off :

  1. Before signing for goods, inspect the outer packing of goods is intact or not, sealed box is intact or not.
  2. Whether the parcel has clearly broken or damaged mark, receivers should check the parcel in front of the postman and sign with remarks or reject to accept.
  3. If the parcel is not signed in front of the postman and the parcel has damaged or broken, please keep the original package (and sealed). Invoice, actual photo and other related evidences would need to be provided to us within 15 working days after it is delivered, we will negotiate with the local post office for compensation.
  4. The normal sign-off marks the end of the whole process of shipping. After normal sign-off, in any case, Smespal will not take the responsibility.
Exemption Clause
  1. Fragile and vulnerable goods, whether strengthen packaging is required or not, only claiming for loss is invloved, while claiming for damage is not involved.
  2. Dangerous and contraband goods are not involved in the claim (for example: compressed gases, liquefied gases, flammable liquids, corrosive substances and other countries contraband)
  3. Loss or Expense caused by the goods’ natural loss, defects, characteristics, the price rise and drop will not be involved in the claim.
  4. During the shipping, due to total or partial loss caused by natural disasters such as bad Weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquake and flood.
  5. If the product expires, loses warranty, or gets delayed due to uncontrollable factors like Weather and customs clearance, there will be no compensation.
  6. If your parcel is not delivered within the timeline as promised by the parcel forward logistics, which is caused by your refusal of cooperation with the customs (including but not limited to paying the tariff), please be noted that all the losses or responsibilities will be undertaken by yourself, parcel forward logistics will not bear any responsibility.
(i) Smespal is dedicated to providing worry-free international online shopping services for You. For the smooth arrival of the products purchased by you, We may make appropriate handling for the products already delivered to the Smespal’s warehouse. You may verify any doubts (if any) with the customer service staff upon the submission of order. a) Sensitive commodity: For the smooth delivery of your parcel, the sensitive commodities containing essential oil, care solution, lubricant, battery and glue may be taken out by us. ( unless there’s legal shipment service / courier that claimed to be available with the delivery of sensitive commodity ) b) Customs policy: The counterfeit commodities, commodities containing with plenty of liquid or powder, or equipped with battery, or food or drugs may have certain delivery risks due to customs policies. Smespal shall not be liable for the customs clearance and any legal liabilities related thereto in case of any consequences arising out of the said risks. c) Professional inspection unavailable We may not provide professional inspection (in terms of quality, authenticity and completeness) for your certain commodities such as electric appliance, counterfeit commodities, tickets, cards and models, in this regard, our inspectors may only inspect whether the appearance is intact and the accessories are complete or not as we can’t open the commodities to check the quality. d) Fragile commodities As the commodities such as ceramics or glass commodities and the commodities in irregular forms may be worn or broken during the several transportations, We suggest that you should purchase them prudently. We may warrant that such commodities are complete before the delivery, provided, hoWever, in case such commodities are judged as fragile commodities by the logistics service providers and damaged during the transportations, any losses and liabilities incurred therefrom shall be solely borne by you. (ii) We shall not be held liable for any loss, shortage, damage or delay of mails occurred during the delivery process for any cause not attributable to us or for any indirect losses or unrealized benefits if: a) the same is caused due to the occurrence of any force majeure event (except for insured mail); b) the commodities mailed violate the restriction or limitation provisions and have been confiscated or otherwise disposed by the competent authorities in accordance with the applicable rules; c) the package of mail is intact without dismantling or loss of weight when the same is delivered, while the commodities contained therein are short or damaged; d) the receipt note is signed by recipient under the normal procedures; e) the loss or delay of mail is due to any causes attributable to user or the commodities contained therein; f) the user fails to make inquiry and claim during the period commencing from the date on which such mail is delivered to the expiration date of such inquiry; g) the international mail is detained, confiscated or destroyed by the competent authorities of country to which such mail is delivered in accordance with its national laws; (iii) Instructions for Banned Items a) The items which are banned from mailing include:
  • the commodities that are prohibited from being circulated or sent by the applicable national laws and regulations;
  • the explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and toxic dangerous commodities;
  • the reactionary newspapers, books, windows or obscene commodities;
  • various currencies;
  • such items which may impair public health;
  • the perishable items;
  • any live animals (excluding bees, silkworms, and leeches for which their packages may ensure the security of delivery and safety of workers);
  • such items that are not properly packaged and may endanger personal safety, or may pollute or damage mails or other mail devices; and
  • all other items not suitable for mailing conditions.
b) The items which are banned from mailing in accordance with the mailing practices:
  • those, based on their natures or packages, may or are suspected to injure postal service personnel or harm mail or postal equipment;
  • the items sealed by metal buttons with sharp edges which may hinder mail handling equipment;
  • all kinds of firearms, ammunition, explosives, flammable commodities, corrosive commodities, radioactive elements and containers, potent poisons, narcotic drugs, biochemical products and infectious commodities;
  • various kinds of publications, publicity materials, printed materials, etc. which may endanger social security & stability, or are obscene;
  • all kinds of items which may endanger public health;
  • such documents or commodities that are prohibited from entering or circulating by the other party;
  • any other items banned by the rules of competent customs authorities in addition to those mentioned above.

International Logistics Restrictions

The commodities purchased in China must be those in conformity with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China (“PRC”) and are permitted for export. You shall understand and acknowledge that based on the different customs policies of various countries, some countries or regions are more sensitive to special commodities and the probability of being confiscated for such commodities, when entering local customs, is slightly greater. Customs inspections of parcels are basically in the form of random checks. If the customs thinks that your parcel is special (for example, large in size, too heavy in weight, or containing sensitive commodities, etc.), customs will voluntarily contact the recipient for invoice or customs clearance documents.

Terms of Service Update

  • With the development of Smespal business, this Terms of Serivice may be updated from time to time to provide You with better services; provided, however, We may not reduce Your right thereunder without Your express consent. We will issue updated versions and notify You for the updates of related content through Website announcements or other appropriate means prior to the effectiveness thereof. Please visit smespal.com to keep up-to-date with the latest Terms of Service.
  • We will also archive the old version of Terms of Service for all party’s reference.