About Manufacturer / Supplier

In our business, the production chains does not limit to the manufacturing of apparel products. The products we offer is an array of consumer goods across a wide range of product categories. These include everything from designer apparel to children's clothing, handbags and jewelry / wathes, fashion accessories, toys, sporting goods and footwear, as well as health and beauty products, home, Pet & Appliances, etc. We establish a supplier database covering more than hundreds of commodity suppliers and manufacturers of small, medium and large production capacity, thus we are always ready to bring your needs into reality.

The Production Chain

Once the design has been prototyped, the product officially enters into the production chain. At this point, advanced equipment and professional handiwork come into play. Smespal does not participate in any form of the direct manufacturing of your products but plays even more important role of agent who keeps following your order from its concept to the final production. Through our effective communication and cooperation with manufacturers, we are able to see shortened production cycles to release new products. We pay special attention to details like fastening and ironing, so we can present to you a flawless design.

Keep Up With The Latest Fashion Trends

We keep up with the latest fashion trends around the world and quickly bring your styles to the market. So whether you're looking for bohemian dresses, patterned shirts or chic swimwear, we've got what you want and we'll keep you at the leading edge of fashion at any time.