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In the past, you may be used to buy products from cross-border e-commerce platforms such as AliExpress, Amazon, ebay, etc. In fact, the sellers of these shopping websites are selling products of Taobao and 1688. In other words, if you can shop directly from Taobao and 1688, you may get a better price. Today, we recommend you to use our Shopping Service, which can help you shop from Taobao and 1688 and ensure you the best shopping experience.



One Stop Service

We provide one-stop shopping service. As long as the product you want to buy can be found the same or similar one on Taobao and 1688 , you can use Smespal Shopping Service to help you complete the entire process from product search, product purchase to shipping arrangement.


Step by Step Tutorial

Don't worry about not knowing Chinese. With our tutorial, you will find it easy to use our service to search for and buy products from taobao and 1688.


Hi, is this product's size ok for me?

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Smiling Man

Hi Sara, its size is ok for you.

Seamless Communication

You may encounter problems while you are searching for and browsing products. Don't worry, our customer service staff will always keep communicating with you, ensuring you a smooth shopping experience.

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Safe Transaction

We will list your needed product to smespal's aliexpress store where you can place order and make payment there. AliExpress provides a variety of payment methods and a comprehensive policy to protect the interests of buyers. 

Quality Assurance

We will conduct quality inspections on your order before shipment, and provide timely feedback on quality inspection results with you.

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Consolidate parcels

The products you ordered may come from different sellers. When these orders arrive at our warehouse, we will sort, consolidate, repack them and arrange them for one shipment. In this way, we can help you save some shipping cost.

Multiple Shipping Methods

According to different order specifications, we provide a variety of shipping methods.At any time, we can recommend the best shipping methods for you.

Warehouse Shelves

90 Days Free Storage

Your ordered products can be stored in Smespal's warehouse for free for 90 days. During this period of storage, you can ask us to ship out some or all of the products at any time.